Dancing within
the Vortex:

Taking the quantum leap
on the spiritual journey
beyond time and space

By Phyllis L. Swenson

ISBN: 978-1934509135

First Edition Soft cover: 152 pages

Dancing Within the Vortex is proof that life is much more than what meets the eye.

Have you ever wondered about angels, spirit guides, soul mates,
what happens after death?
Do you search for a deeper connection with your spirit?
Are you curious about what it means to live a truly magical life?

A wonderful memoir of an African-American woman's quest to discover her Spiritual Self and the meaning of life. Phyllis takes the reader through her experiences as a young girl struggling with her self-worth within a Catholic school system, to the loss of her beloved husband and soul mate, Warren, and finally through her ultimate spiritual quest to discover her destiny as a powerful creator of her own reality. Her faith, strength, and knowledge grows throughout her life. A deeply inspiring book.
Wayne Dennis
Air Traffic Control Specialist

Phyllis Swenson has had the most magical and mystical life. Her life experiences, along with many years of metaphysical studies, have given her a very deep understanding of the Law of Attraction and faith in the Universe. Following her spiritual journey through life is an exciting example of our unlimited potential by allowing the connection with God. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her life and her magnificent manifestations. If you are on a spiritual path and enjoy the metaphysical, you will find Phyllis' book fascinating.
Bryan E. DeLay
Commercial Real Estate Agent

When you read Phyllis L. Swenson’s amazing account of her spiritual journey you will:

  • be empowered in the knowledge that life is a continuous stream of magic and miracles so that you can live abundantly and powerfully in wondrous unity with Universal Consciousness
  • feel a sense of the expansiveness of your soul so that you can have a deeper connection to Spirit in your everyday life
  • know that there is life after death so that you can communicate with loved ones beyond the grave at any time
  • understand that you are not alone
  • experience the Divine power flowing within yourself so that you can invoke Universal energies to create love, joy, health, wealth and harmonious relationships.

We all have friends we've known for years, who have inspired us with their ability to see and feel beyond what the average person can see and feel. Phyllis Swenson shared the amazing stories that are in this book with me as she experienced them over the years. I admire her resolve to share them now with the world. Hers is a courageous and inspiring spiritual journey.
Reverend Dee Swinney
Minister Unity Church in Alexandria, VA

In reading Dancing Within the Vortex you can clearly see how angels hold Phyllis in their heart, and bring her the courage to share her story with the world. Following her inner guidance, and trusting in the world unseen, Phyllis bravely navigated the destiny of her life. She now shares her journey to help you do the same. Discover the stepping stones of her life's spiritual journey, from being escorted by guardian angels as a child, to seeing benevolent UFO's, to indoctrination into the mysteries of the ancient Rosicrucian Order, and ultimately to the meeting of her soul mate. But this is just setting the stage for the soul drama, heralded by a visit from her guardian angel that unfolds. It is a story of divine romance that transcends the boundaries of human incarnation and proves that the power of love transcends mortality.
Stevan J. Thayer
Author Interview With an Angel

Phyllis L SwensonMany years ago, Phyllis Swenson, a little African-American girl, looked out into the night and, while gazing upon the starry sky, asked the age old question, “Who am I?”

In the pre-Civil Rights world of the 1950’s where Phyllis only knew and experienced a world of racial segregation, she looked into the night sky and asked God to help her to know herself and to experience the ultimate. From that moment on, her life was radically changed.

At the age of six, her Guardian Angel became a strong, visible presence in her life and her world was transformed.

Take an incredible journey beyond time and space with Phyllis as she shares her unique spiritual journey beyond society’s imposed limitations to discover her true potential, value and self-mastery.

Let Phyllis share with you the knowledge she has gleaned from many spiritual disciplines, including her study of:

  • Mysticism,
  • Metaphysics,
  • Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology,
  • Philosophy,
  • Mythology and
  • Quantum Physics.

Dancing Within the Vortex is an unforgettable story of Divine love, magic, and miracles.

Get your copy now and be among the first to read a book that will enhance your life and uplift your soul.

You will never forget Phyllis’s story, the way you felt while you read it, and how your life and faith were blessed by its wisdom.

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I have known Phyllis for over 15 years. From the moment I met her there was joy and light all around her. She has always been on the spiritual path and I've seen her journey change and deepen over the years. Phyllis writes and shares in a down-to-earth, everyday reality that everyone can relate to and see the parallel meanings in their own lives. One of her most important messages is: Don't look to others for your divinity, for your empowerment, for your joy, for your light. Make your journey an inside job, not outside, and find the treasure of the Universe and all you can possibly want to feel and be inside yourself. The beauty of this message is that once you do that, you'll realize how vast the outside help and support is from the Spiritual realms, as well as friends and family.
Ruth M. Van Landingham
Owner Terra Christa Metaphysical Marketplace

Phyllis' spiritual journey is inspirational on many levels. Her creative and fascinating book allows the reader to experience her personal quest of self-discovery. The reader is transformed as they feel her grow and change and overcome obstacles. Phyllis has an enthusiasm and zest for life that resonates in her writer's voice. She is a compassionate and caring individual...a guardian angel to all those she touches.
Jane Delpopolo
Psychotherapist and Career Counselor